The Quick
lean SL®
Rack and pinion gearbox

lean SL® SERIES is always the correct choice. It offers:


The lean SL® Gear Rack Drives are built robust and perform at high levels.

Variable Arrangements

Our lean SL® Gear Rack Drives are available in four sizes with varies options.

Multiple Assembly Options

Each Gear Rack size has four pinion shaft versions available – for every fixture method.

Economic and robust:

lean SL® Rack and Pinion gearboxes

Lifting movements are used in many applications within High-tech Automation. Gear Rack Drives are especially intended for these situations because they are readily available and are very sturdy. The lean SL® Gear Rack Drives with round racks can easily be combined because of our unique standardized unit of construction. Therefore, it makes no difference the parameters of your system, you have the capability to connect numerous drives with each other.

This flexibility does not only apply to lean SL®, it also applies for the lifgo®-series. Combinations of Gear Rack Drives of both lean SL® and lifgo®-series (within the same size) are also possible. So, allow yourself to create an economic system that offers a variety of possibilities.

Economic, sturdy and multi-purpose: These are the notable abilities offered by lean SL® Rack and Pinion Gearboxes from LEANTECHNIK.
Benefit from the variable fixture methods of the four pinion shaft options that are available.

lean SL® Rigid Rack and Pinion Gearboxes for Longevity

Thanks to the large diameter of our rack and wide spacing of the gear teeth, the lean SL®-series travels very rigid and provides longevity to our drives. lean SL® offers multiple possibilities, from lifting tables to complex transfer and shuttle systems.

Find here the right lean SL®-Rigid Gear for your application

lean SL®

The Rack and Pinion Gearbox for effortless and synchronized lifting tasks without the need of transverse forces.

lean SL®: lean SL® Gear Rack Drives are especially suitable for effortless synchronized lifting movements, in which transverse forces are not needed and exact positioning is already existing. For these types of applications, the use of lean SL® Gear Rack Drives is recommended and prevents over defining the capabilities of the drive. lean SL® Gear Rack Drives are available in four sizes, in to two different versions lean SL® and lean SL® double. This allows designers greater flexibility and to use less accessories during the development of their systems.
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lean SL® double

With two gear racks perfect for gripping, clasping and positioning functions.

lean SL® double:  lean SL® double is the Gear Rack Drive for gripping and clasping movements or for positioning functions. The basis lies in the assembly of the drive. It is equipped with two racks driven by the same pinion shaft and moves them in opposing directions. The racks glide in bushings and can transfer pulling tension and pressure, but transverse forces are not possible. lean SL® double are available in four different sizes and with four pinion shaft options.
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