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The Flexibility in your production needs a new name:

Three-Axis-Positioning-System (DAP)

Highest Flexibility

This system was specifically developed for the automotive industry due to industry demands. All renowned automotive manufacturers are under pressure to produce a variety of models, but in smaller production runs. To meet these industry demands, production must be flexible and efficient. One option is to produce several automobile models on a production line. Consequently, you need a “Positioning System” that has been designed for such applications. Our “Three Axis Positioning System” (DAP) has the flexibility to adapt to the various types of chassis and the flexibility to transport through the production line as parts are installed.

High Precision Positioning

Primary point of the DAP is our rack and pinion gearboxes, in that rotatory movement is transferred to linear movement. Our lifgo® rack and pinion gearboxes have precise roller bearings which provide exact positioning and are outstanding for high lifting speeds and the delivery of high transverse forces. There are four model variations in three sizes available and in addition the lifgo® 5.4 is for extreme weight situations.

Perfectly positioned for every automobile model.

Through the combination and synchronization of two or four lifgo® Drives powered by an electrical motor, the positioning system has the ability to move in different directions without extensive programming or assembly. Therefore, synchronized vertical and horizontal lift movements are achievable without difficulties. On the X-axis a lift from 500 mm (19.68 inches), the Y axis from 250 mm (9.84 inches) and on the Z-axis from 350 mm (13.78 inches) are possible. The repeatability lies between +/- 0.02 and +/- 0.01 mm. The lifting force is 3,500 N.

The positioning points operate independently from each other. They capture each ends of a chassis with support from take up points and are held with expanding grips. A controller jointly regulates each automobile model with essential spacing between the lifting points, lifts parts for the welding robot and manages other production processes at ideal working heights.

Flexible Engineering & Production floor planning

DAP (Three Axis Positioning) System offers the user a flexible production floorplan in which the positioning points of each chassis dimension can be automatically orientated. In this respect, LEANTECHNIK is a superior supplier in the production of multi-dimensional chassis.

For automobile assembly, we can offer our Lift & Lower Conveyor System with an additional Lifting System. It positions chassis for continuous operations with speed and precision.

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“Ich liebe diese Hubsäulen! Für jeden Anwendungsfall ist etwas geboten”
Peter Müller

Marketing Manager, Muster AG

“Ich liebe diese Hubsäulen! Für jeden Anwendungsfall ist etwas geboten”
Peter Müller

Marketing Manager, Muster AG

“Ich liebe diese Hubsäulen! Für jeden Anwendungsfall ist etwas geboten”
Peter Müller

Marketing Manager, Muster AG

“Ich liebe diese Hubsäulen! Für jeden Anwendungsfall ist etwas geboten”
Peter Müller

Marketing Manager, Muster AG

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