Our vision is to make a contribution to the performance of our customers.

What drives us is meeting the challenge of bringing our customers a consistently high standard of precision, speed and reliability, all while guaranteeing the user the utmost flexibility.
Long-term and economic success, as well as sustained company growth are the prerequisites for achieving the best performance for our customers

To realize our vision, we need to uphold and strengthen strategy and quality in all sectors and processes, create innovative solutions and increase customer satisfaction through consistent customer focus in all sectors and processes.


Customer Focus

A distinctive focus on the customer is one of our biggest core competencies.

Through comprehensive service offerings, conceptual consulting and lots of finesse, we ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

One of the basic conditions is ethically and morally responsible trade.

Maximum Degree of Quality

Ensuring the quality of our products takes a very high priority. As a mechanical engineering company, we are very aware of our responsibility to our customers.

That’s why we pay special attention to quality and value of our products, which is ultimately essential for the synchronism and durability of our gearboxes and systems.

Innovative Solutions

As a supplier of individually tailored partial and complete functional systems, we are constantly coming up against new challenges. That’s why our product portfolio includes much more than just our gearboxes.

Our engineers are also equipped to provide innovative and tailored solutions to your problems, based on your specific application scenario. The LEANTECHNIK SYSTEMS product line can give you a general idea of how this works.