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Application Example: Motionless Lifting Station

Lifting tables for automotive chassis assemble are unreliable. A good example is a motionless lifting station. The chassis is delivered on a high-speed conveyor and lifts it into a stationary position. A robot  pulls and installs various parts throughout the production process.

LEANTECHNIK has been a partner with the automobile industry for more than 30 years and is trusted by divisions within. High precision and efficient lifting tables / lifting systems are required, which allow robots to work at optimal levels. The lifting table pictured was built with two double lifting columns and fitted with lifgo® linear rack and pinion gearboxes. And, the vertical lift of 125 cm (49.21 inches) with the exact positioning of 0.01 mm (0.0003937 inches) is perfect to meet the high standards of the automotive industry. The double lifting table can handle high capacity loads with superb repeatability which are important factors in automotive production.

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The LEANTECHNIK SYSTEMS product division refers to the development and design of partially and functionally ready plants & systems based on our lifgo® and lean SL® gearbox series.

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At LEANTECHNIK SYSTEMS, we provide you with the complete know-how and implementation power of our design engineers.  We accompany your project from the initial enquiry, through the complete design and planning of your system (incl. service life calculation), right up to implementation on your premises.

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Benefit from the many years of experience of our team of engineers, who are on hand to advise you in the areas of development and design. LEANTECHNIK SYSTEMS stands for customised solutions that are designed especially for you, so that they are precisely tailored to your needs.