Looking for the optimal
Rack and pinion gearbox
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All of our Gear Rack Drives have the capability to be combined with one another. Therefore, you will find the best solution for your application.


Rack Drives from LEANTECHNIK operate with the highest precision and exceptional qualities for exact positioning.

High Load Capacity

Due to its suburb design with durable roller bearings, our robust Drives move smoothly over a quadrilateral rack. Even the capacity to handle extreme loads cannot disrupt its stroke.

Rack and pinion gearbox lifgo® – robust, precise and extremely versatile

Rack and pinion gearboxes from LEANTECHNIK convert rotation into linear motion and their modular design allows multiple options. For applications that require extended travel or extreme lifting, our lifgo Gear Rack Drives can be easily placed side by side.

The basis of our comprehensive program for Gear Rack Drives for a linear axis, is the lifgo®-Series. This Gear Rack Drives handle large capacities, are very resilient and have emerged to the highest requirements for speed and synchronization.

The quadrilateral rack with roller bearing drives have a high exact positioning for applications for efficient operations like handling systems and packaging equipment. The lifgo®-Series is available in five variations: lifgo®, lifgo® Double, lifgo® Linear, lifgo® linear double and lifgo® 5.4.

Our Gear Rack Drives are available in 3 sizes: 5.0, 5.1 and 5.3 and each size is also available in the Excenter version. This version allows the individual setting of play between the pinion shaft and the rack. For especially heavy loads up to 2.5 metric tons (5,500 lbs), we offer the Gear Rack Drive lifgo® 5.4

Automation with System – Our LEANTECHNIK SYSTEMS concept

The lifgo®-Gear Rack Drives are available as individual units or as a complete system with components, motors or a steel frame. Designed to the exact specifications of your application.

For every application, we have the suitable lifgo®-Drive


Our high capacity rack and pinion gearbox is perfectly synchronized, even at high speeds.

Our high capacity and resilient Gear Rack Drives: The lifgo® 5 series available in 3 sizes which are outfitted with roller bearing drive on a quadrilateral rack. During assembly, these Gear Rack Drives perform with extreme precision, are durable and fulfill the highest demands of speed and synchronization. If you are looking for a Gear Rack Drive that has high transverse forces and exact positioning, then lifgo® 5 is the right choice.
technical specifications

lifgo® linear

The gearbox designed for especially extensive lifts and long travel distances.

It’s so easy: The standard development of our lifgo® Gear Rack Drive can simply be converted into a lifgo® linear Gear Rack Drive. lifgo® linear can either be built where the rack is mounted or the drive itself is mounted and the rack moves freely. If your application has extensive travel requirements, this is not an issue. In this situation, you attach additional racks to attain the required length.
technical specifications

lifgo® double

Best suited for primary or gripper applications in which 2 parallel gear racks are used.

Function of lifgo® double: Our Gear Rack Drive lifgo® double has Leantechnik quality times two. Two racks are driven by the same pinion shaft and drives them in opposing directions, which makes this the ideal Gear Rack Drive to add and use components as grippers and clasping devices to handle primary functions.
technical specifications

lifgo® linear double

Gearbox with two racks for gripping, clasping and primary systems with extended travel.


There is more to this Gear Rack Drive: As with all standard lifgo® drives, the lifgo® double can easily be converted into a lifgo® linear double. Therefore, our Gear Rack Drives can be used for long grippers and clasping mechanisms for primary functions. Because of our design system, these Gear Rack Drives can be easily combined with other Drives.

technical specifications

lifgo® 5.4

Product lifgo® 5.4: The power platform of our Gear Rack Drives: For extreme load capacities.


Function lifgo® 5.4: This Gear Rack Drive is rugged and is the strongest of all our drives. It handles up to 2.5 metric tons and is our strongest Drive. The housing of this Gear Rack Drive is wider than the lifgo® 5.3, as is the rack, which is 40 percent larger. Therefore, lifgo® 5.4 has about 57 percent more load capacity as the lifgo 5.3. Our lifgo® 5.4 is also available as lifgo® Excenter, lifgo® Linear or as lifgo® Linear Excenter.

technical specifications

lifgo® SVZ

Our new, extremely quiet, gear rack drive with helical gearing.