Complete systems

You have the requirements – we have the solutions!

Complete Systems

You have the requirements –

we have the solutions!

Our division for complex systems and portals:

You provide the idea – we provide the implementation. In this sector, we offer you the concentrated competence of our designers.

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Complex systems and portals

leanLIFT_Synchrone Hubbewegungen

Sorting plant with lifgo® and third-party components

Complex sorting system including control and logistics, for the stacking of sorting boxes in the storage field. The system was completely designed, built and assembled.

leanLIFT_Synchrone Hubbewegungen
leanLIFT_Synchrone Hubbewegungen
leanLIFT_Synchrone Hubbewegungen

lifgo® linear-Transfer – 17 metres, with gripper stations

Part-finished transfer with lifgo® linear for horizontal lift. Delivery incl. steel construction, assembly and test operation, final assembly. The grippers take parts from the transfer and lower them into process baths for further processing. Use in the chemical industry.

leanLIFT_Synchrone Hubbewegungen

lifgo® gantry system with 3-axis gripper arm and 2-axis palletiser

Complex combination of palletiser and feeder. The two arms move in coordination with each other. The 3-axis gripper arm removes the blanks from the left stack, places them on the conveyor belt and puts a finished part back into the blister. The 2-axis palletiser moves the blisters to the 3 different positions and was realised with two lifgo® double gear units and two lifgo® linear gear units. Gripper jaws are attached to the racks of the lifgo® double gearboxes, which turn the gearboxes into gripper modules. The system was completely designed, built and assembled.

Complete Systems – in action!


The LEANTECHNIK SYSTEMS product division refers to the development and design of partially and functionally ready plants & systems based on our lifgo® and lean SL® gearbox series.

Our motivation:

You provide the ideas – we provide the implementation!

At LEANTECHNIK SYSTEMS, we provide you with the complete know-how and implementation power of our design engineers.  We accompany your project from the initial enquiry, through the complete design and planning of your system (incl. service life calculation), right up to implementation on your premises.



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adapted to your needs!

Benefit from the many years of experience of our team of engineers, who are on hand to advise you in the areas of development and design. LEANTECHNIK SYSTEMS stands for customised solutions that are designed especially for you, so that they are precisely tailored to your needs.

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Complete Systems


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With lifgo® and lean SL® we will find the perfect solution for your
the perfect solution for your specific case.


This linear-guided rack and pinion screw jack is suitable for fast, precise and synchronous installations. For applications requiring high lateral force absorption, our resilient and durable lifgo® series is the first choice.

lean SL®

The robust and inexpensive alternative to the lifgo®. The gear unit is suitable for simple synchronous lifting tasks where an exact guide is already available and a transverse force absorption is not required.

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