Lifting tables from LEANTECHNIK optimize the production of an electric car manufacturer

Subassembly production in the automotive industry is highly efficient and takes place in a tight time cycle. The prerequisite for this is the precise and fast delivery of the components to the assembly stations. A manufacturer of electric cars therefore ordered a large number of lifting tables from LEANTECHNIK, with which car bodies are brought into the correct position for further processing by robots with high precision and in the shortest possible time.

The car manufacturer’s requirements for the lifting tables were high: In addition to very high accuracy, they also included low maintenance costs and a long service life. LEANTECHNIK met all the specifications and was even able to exceed the requirements set by the customer.

The lifting tables supplied by LEANTECHNIK are based on rack and pinion gear units of the lean SL® 5.3 series, which allow speeds of up to 0.6 m/s with a maximum lifting force of 8000 N.

Two servomotors drive the rack and pinion gearboxes with round guided rack. This gear unit variant is very well suited for simple synchronous movements where no or only a low lateral force absorption is required. Thanks to their large diameter of 60 mm and the wide toothing of the rack, lean SL® 5.3 gear units have high bending stiffness. This is an important prerequisite for being able to lift the fixtures for the car bodies, which weigh several tons, safely and accurately to their target position.

The lifting tables from LEANTECHNIK convinced the car manufacturer with their excellent performance. A further production line with products from the rack-and-pinion gear specialists is therefore already being planned.