Solve complex, logistical positioning operations

Rack and pinion gearboxes lifgo® & lean SL® from LEANTECHNIK

The 4-fold roller-guided rack-and-pinion gear units of the lifgo® series from LEANTECHNIK operate with particular precision. They meet the highest requirements for speed and synchronism and are characterized by high positioning accuracy as well as lateral force absorption. Their use – individually or combined to form a leantranspo® system – guarantees highly efficient logistics processes – in food packaging as well as in mechanical engineering or metal trading.


In addition to high speeds and cycle times, high precision is also required for the packaging of goods in the food industry. The powerful lifgo® precision rack-and-pinion gear units from LEANTECHNIK easily meet these requirements. They also produce high payloads and score with high positioning accuracy, high stroke speed and high lateral force absorption. Integrated into stacking systems, they easily move sheets with widths of up to 2600 mm and lengths of up to 6000 mm as well as weights of up to 1200 kg in the steel and iron trade, for example.

The benefits of our lifgo® series


All our rack-and-pinion gear units can be combined with each other in any way.  So you will always find the right solution for your application.


Rack and pinion gear units from LEANTECHNIK operate with maximum precision and are therefore ideal for demanding positioning tasks.

Load capacity

Thanks to their quadruple roller-guided rack, our gear units are extremely robust. Even particularly heavy loads do not throw them out of sync.

leanSL® rack and pinion gear units are ideal for simple synchronous positioning tasks without lateral force support and for all applications in which a guide is already available. They can be combined with the lifgo® series models to create application-specific lifting and positioning systems.

These leantranspo® systems are ideal for implementing sophisticated positioning gantries, for example for alternating pick-up and placement of blanks and finished products within the shortest cycle times.

Our lean SL® series is always the right choice. It offers you:

A long life span

The lean SL® rack-and-pinion gear units are robustly manufactured and have a long service life.


Different versions

Our lean SL® rack-and-pinion gear units are available in five sizes and different variants.

Many connectivity options

Four pinion shaft ends are available per size – for each output drive type.

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This rack and pinion gear unit with linear guided rack is suitable for fast, precise and synchronous installations. For applications requiring high lateral force absorption, our resilient and durable lifgo® series is the first choice.

lean SL®

The robust and cost-effective alternative to the lifgo®. The lean SL® rack-and-pinion gear unit is suitable for simple synchronous lifting tasks where precise guidance is already available and transverse force absorption is not required.


By combining the lifgo® and lean SL® rack-and-pinion gear series with add-on parts, motors or steel construction, individual leantranspo® systems are created for a wide variety of lifting and handling technology requirements.