Lifting columns from LEANTECHNIK position your loads quickly and precisely in many industries


Lifting columns are indispensable for many applications in medical technology, the packaging industry, logistics or car production. In addition, as a component of ergonomic workstation systems, they help to increase efficiency in many companies. LEANTECHNIK manufactures single and double lifting columns based on its proven rack and pinion gear units, which are precisely adapted to the requirements of the respective application.

Whether patient couches or height-adjustable mammography chairs in medical technology, lifting tables for positioning body parts in vehicle production or systems for handling drums in the pharmaceutical industry: none of these applications can do without lifting columns.

LEANTECHNIK manufactures these systems based on its lifgo® and lean SL® rack-and-pinion gear units.

The lifgo® gear units are extremely resilient and achieve lifting forces of 2,000 N to 25,000 N depending on the size. They are particularly suitable for use in lifting columns of systems and equipment in which high overhung loads occur. These include, for example, packaging machines or handling systems that move heavy loads. With our lifting columns, these loads can be precisely transported to any desired location in the packaging or assembly line, because lifgo® rack and pinion gear units operate extremely accurately.

For applications in which hardly any lateral forces occur or precise guidance is already available, lifting columns with lean SL® gear units are ideal. This product series has round-guided racks and is suitable for simple synchronous lifting tasks, such as those to be performed on patient tables and height-adjustable diagnostic equipment in medical technology or at ergonomic workstations in industry. Just like the lifgo® gear units, the lean SL® gear units achieve lifting speeds of up to 3 m/s and position their load precisely.

LEANTECHNIK offers different types of lifting columns: All variants operate quickly, precisely and with high repeatability.

The user can freely select the parameters.