LEANTECHNIK AG as an employer


LEANTECHNIK is a reliable and innovative supplier of linear gear rack lift drives for automation systems. What drives us is meeting the challenge of bringing our customers a consistently high standard of precision, speed and reliability, all while guaranteeing the user the utmost flexibility. We are considered a technological leader in a growing industry.

Quality across all sectors is our top priority. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to hire people who know how to make the impossible happen, who put their talents to work and leave room for creativity and personal fulfillment.

In order to meet our high standards, we want to have the best people on our team. We look at more than just good grades or degrees. We always look at personal, social/communication skills, resourcefulness and results competence and professional and procedural skills.

Constant development and refinement is part and parcel of our strategy for the future. And this applies to more than just our products. In a dynamic environment, continuous and life-long learning is the key to maintaining our position as a technological leader on the market.

And our employees play a key role in this endeavor. You can expect to face interesting challenges. Come join a company that’s driven by more than just technology.

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We’re stronger as a team!

It’s very important to us that our employees fit in with the LEANTECHNIK team.
We rely increasingly on team work in order to achieve long-term success.

We know that our employees are the foundation for our success. That’s why open communication is very important to us.
Our corporate culture is marked by responsibility, openness and respect.
This is what defines us as a company.