In Oberhausen and Atlanta


The Oberhausen location combines our core competencies. Oberhausen is where the strategic product development, design and production take place. Oberhausen also serves as the foundation that allows us to provide our customers maximum support.

In keeping with our motto, our products are “all made in Germany”

Headquartered in the Ruhr Valley region ever since, we have strong ties to the area. Hard work and honesty are what distinguish the people of the Ruhr district. And we identify with this local attitude.

In the largest metropolitan area in Germany and the fifth largest in Europe, here in Oberhausen, we are sitting in the heart of a lively region. We are conscious of our responsibility to our interest groups and the environment. Stable infrastructures and excellent transport links allow to quickly reach our customers around the world.
What was once Europe’s biggest mining region is undergoing a major transformation. And we are playing a part in developing the Ruhr metropolitan area into a service-providing, technological and scientific hub.

Contact address Oberhausen:

Im Lipperfeld 7c
46047 Oberhausen

Phone: +49 208 495 25-0
Email: info@leantechnik.com

We know our roots.


Our subsidiary LEANTECHNIK, Inc. is located in Georgia, on the Southeastern coast of the United States.

The company is responsible for the North American market and distributes our products locally. This ensures direct support to our American customers with short response times.

Close networking between the two companies guarantees that our customers will benefit from our usual high standards of quality.

Contact address Atlanta:

2220 Northmont Parkway, Suite 250
Duluth, GA 30096

Phone: +1 770 295 2286
Email: info@leantechnik.us
Website: www.leantechnik.us