Welcome to the Purchasing Department

Our primary objective is to maintain and increase the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we need strong partners, capable of bolstering our value creation capabilities. Our purchasing department is tasked with developing sustainable, global competitive advantages for our company.

High-quality products, consistent on-time deliveries, fast turnaround and response times, flexibility and comprehensive service are just a few of the things we expect from our suppliers. Become a part of our supply chain, and enjoy the benefits of having a strong and innovative partner.

Supplier Relationship

“Partnership unites”

Our strategy is to procure key goods and components on the basis of a cooperative business relationship with our suppliers. As a rule, we aim to establish long-term mutual partnerships. Respect, transparency, responsibility and trust are the cornerstones of our idea of partnership and collaboration. The standards to which we hold our suppliers are the same as the high standards that we set for ourselves. Top performance in all areas of collaboration are the basis for a long-term value-adding partnership.

Decisive strategic success factors for a long-term partnership include:

  • Open communication with and by the supplier
  • Involvement of the vendor in product development
  • Introducing, imparting and upholding quality standards in the supply chain
  • Suggestions for improvement from our suppliers and generating purchase savings
  • Dealing with each other fairly
  • Opportunities for mutual growth
  • Flawless quality
  • Upholding and refining standards of quality

To apply as a supplier, please use our Online-Application to introduce yourself quickly and easily. This is the first step towards getting qualified as a supplier. Once you’ve completed your registration, your information will be forwarded directly to the purchaser in charge.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Conditions of Purchase, Guidelines and Requirements

As a supplier for our company, you agree to the General Conditions of Purchase, Quality Guidelines and Transportation and Packaging Requirements for suppliers, as well as the Code of Conduct for Supplier and Business Partners of LEANTECHNIK AG.

You can download our Conditions of Purchase, Requirements and Guidelines for Suppliers in pdf format here: