Philosophy and Values

from Quality up to Environment

We are a medium-sized company, and our top goal is to maintain and increase customer satisfaction. Our aspiration is to develop and maintain high quality in every department and to continuously improve all our processes. Creative developments, innovative solutions and a maximum of service are the goals we set for ourselves on a daily basis.

Our company stands for high-quality, innovative products. Through our management system and the systematic application of our corporate principles, we strive to bolster our customers’ capacity to create value.

To provide our customers with the best possible services, we keep our employees at the center of our business practices. We always demand original ideas, visions and activities. We value individual personalities and are always careful to make sure that our young team is getting along and working as partners.

We’re stronger as a team!

Our corporate principles
are available for download here


Responsibility, transparency, respect

Responsibility, transparency and respect are the guiding principles for dealing with one another and with our business partners.

Working together as a team is always of the utmost importance.

Short lines of communication and quick response times help us to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Employee Focus

We encourage cooperation and the skills and expertise of our employees. Our staff is carefully selected and assigned to their appropriate tasks.
We ensure that our employees have the necessary skills, based on appropriate qualifications, training, professional development and experience, and that they are well-acquainted with the requirements of the processes and products.

Innovative Solutions

“Let’s develop new ideas!” was the slogan of our company when it was first established in 1993.
Our goal is to develop customized solutions to match the needs of our customers. Our engineering department provides for the individual solutions. Through our research and development work, we are continuously looking for ways to improve. In the projects we collaborate closely with our customers, we develop innovative solutions with potential for the future.

Working out new ideas in goal-oriented, cross-departmental meetings, group work and project work. Every employee is encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions for improvement. The top management and senior executives set an example.

We strive to make your ideas a reality!


Quality principles

To us, quality is when our customers are satisfied and their expectations have been met. To ensure that this happens, we have established all our processes – from the first contact with a customer all the way down to after-sales service – in accordance with our quality management system. Our quality principles are the basis for our daily work routines.

In the interest of customer satisfaction, the quality principles are continuously adjusted to match the needs and requirements of the customers. We meet the highest quality requirements and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of our work. We achieve it by delivering flawless products and the best possible service, all at fair prices.

A distinctive focus on the customer is one of our biggest core competencies. Through comprehensive service offerings, conceptual consulting and lots of finesse, we ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

One of the basic conditions is ethically and morally responsible trade.


For us, sustainability is an essential component of our corporate philosophy. And we are mindful of our social responsibility. We respect the environment and do our part for environmental protection.

We convey this social responsibility to our business partners, as well.

By meeting the requirements and through the certification according to ISO 14001 we can show our sense of responsibility and prove that we implement environmentally friendly behavior in our processes.