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Application Example: Stepless Holding Brake (SHB)

The stepless holding brake (SHB) clamps loads quickly, backlash-free and with high rigidity. It reduces the risk of hazards on gravity loaded axes and increases the service life of the system. Its fail-safe function guarantees direct and safe load fixation even in the event of a pneumatic failure.

The functional principle of the SHB is simple but effective: The piston chamber is filled with compressed air, so that the force of the pretensioned disc springs is released and the brake shoes connected to them release the profile rail. If the compressed air supply is interrupted, the spring force acts on the brake shoes, which then clamp or brake the profile rail.

A so-called pressure booster is always used when the pressure available in the compressed air system is not sufficient for operation of the SHB. Without booster the brake is operated with a pressure of 6 bar, with booster up to 20 bar are possible. The purely mechanical increase of the pressure by the booster is considerably more favourable than a general increase of the system pressure. Users thus save a considerable amount of energy costs.

The use of the SHB not only increases system safety, but also increases process accuracy because the NC axis is additionally reinforced by the backlash-free clamping.

Variant 5.1 – short version

Variant 5.3 – short version

Variant 5.1 – long version

Variant 5.3 – long version

The advantages of the stepless holding brake (SHB) at a glance:


Best functional safety

SHB safety brakes use the failsafe principle. Pre-tensioned cup springs press brake shoes onto the “waist” of the profile rail. The brake mechanism is designed for relatively large stroke and balances the profile rail manufacturing tolerances without losing braking force.

Mechanical clamping for safety

SHB safety brakes clamp very rigidly directly on the linear guide. This means they are directly applied to the mass that is being braked or held. Drive elements between the motor and masses to be moved, such as spindles, spindle nuts, shaft couplings or gear units therefore have no effect on safety.

Perfect for vertical axes

Direct clamping on the linear guide makes the SHB ideal for use in gravity-loaded axes where the risk to personnel needs to be minimised.

High rigidity

SHB safety brakes are more rigid than rod or band brakes by at least a factor of 3. Rotational motor brakes compare even less favourably. For one, they are usually subject to backlash, and for another, each element between the brake and the rail has a negative impact on rigidity.

Pressure booster for the stepless holding brake (SHB)

In most cases the pressure available in the compressed air system is not sufficient to operate the SHB at 20 bar.

One possibility is a general increase of the system pressure, which, however, results in high expenditure and energy costs. One solution is to use a pressure booster directly in the system where the higher pressure is needed. The pressure booster increases the pressure in the system purely mechanically, without external energy, to the required operating pressure of the SHB pneumatically.

  • Point pressure increase before the individual brake
  • no energy consumption after reaching the outlet pressure
  • no electrical installation necessary
  • simple, safe and economical operation
  • no investment in your own high-pressure network or in a decentralised separate compressor unit

Pressure booster on a plate

Pressure booster in housing


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Further information on our stepless holding brake (SHB) can be found in the technical data and in the operating instructions:

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“Ich liebe diese Hubsäulen! Für jeden Anwendungsfall ist etwas geboten”

Peter Müller

Marketing Manager, Muster AG

“Ich liebe diese Hubsäulen! Für jeden Anwendungsfall ist etwas geboten”

Peter Müller

Marketing Manager, Muster AG

“Ich liebe diese Hubsäulen! Für jeden Anwendungsfall ist etwas geboten”

Peter Müller

Marketing Manager, Muster AG

“Ich liebe diese Hubsäulen! Für jeden Anwendungsfall ist etwas geboten”

Peter Müller

Marketing Manager, Muster AG

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